EnergyServ Solutions' Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance please reach out to us. We look forward to serving you!

Energy consultants have the knowledge and ability to help individuals and businesses save money and time when it comes to their electricity bills. We can help discover which energy company, rate, and plan best suits your needs, saving you stress and keeping your payments as low as possible.

The behaviors of the energy market tend to be volatile, leaving non-experts unaware of the very hidden savings. We have over 25 years of combined experience negotiating, building relationships, and navigating the energy market. Not to mention our energy consultants have tricks to save you more money with tax exemptions and bill audits. Our experts work on your behalf to potentially uncover hundreds in some cases thousands of dollars depending on the size of your business.

So the real question is, do you have that kind of money to lose?

60% to 75% of businesses use energy consultants.

With the position of Energy Manager absent in most companies, engaging an Energy Consultant allows you to retain a professional without putting them on your payroll. As a licensed energy aggregator EnergyServ Solutions can advise business owners how to take advantage of energy aggregation by bundling multiple locations together to achieve lower energy costs. Let EnergyServ Solutions become your ‘Outsourced Energy Desk’.

  • We respect you and your business.
  • We will listen to what you have to say.
  • We will offer transparent, meaningful, helpful interactions via products and services tailored for your business.
  • Why not leverage 25 years of energy market experience.
  • Faith focused company
  • We have the understanding to get you what you want – a competitive rate!

We serve both commercial and residential clients including but not limited to:

  • Multifamily Property Management
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Commercial Industrial Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Small Retail-Convenience Stores to Retail Strip Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Churches

Smart meters, also called advanced digital meters, are the equivalent of a home’s electricity nerve center, connecting it to the smart grid and enabling consumers to have better control over their usage and spending.

There are many reasons. Most new electricity generators run on natural gas, because gas is cleaner than many other conventional electricity sources. Most new housing construction includes natural gas heating, in large part because gas has historically been cheaper than oil for home heating.

The short answer is, because it can. All energy markets move up and down together, in part because all forms of electricity — coal, nuclear, wind or natural gas — sell into the same market. All electricity sells into the same power pool, and all retail suppliers buy out of that power pool.

Traditional meters measure how much electricity your household consumes and requires your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) to manually read it. The usage data gathered is reported to your Retail Electric Provider to determine your usage for the month. Smart meters capture data every 15 minutes, giving you consistent information about your electricity usage. As a result, action can be taken almost immediately to reduce consumption and cost.